Apocalypse PC

Aella Sensing
Player: Samantha

Character: Finds the Spirits
Human Name: Aella Spiros
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Black Fury
Rank: Cliath
Pack: All Tea, No Shade
Sept: Lost and Found
City: Chicago
LST: Chicago STs

Character Information Edit

Aella Spiros is a naturally curious Garou with a tendency to attract a little bit of trouble.  She has a strong connection to the spirits, being a Theurge and all, and seems to find herself surrounded by them no matter where she goes.  They just seem to flock to her.  Being the youngest in her pack does have it's fair share of challenges, but she does consider them family and what family doesn't have it's own tiny problems?

History Edit

With a name meaning "Whirlwind", you could say there were definitely high expectations for this Theurge from an early age.  Being raised on a lesser known Black Fury caern, Aella was well immersed in Garou culture.  However, her family began to notice her very strong connection to the Umbra.  She would constantly be talking to people who weren't there and with her natural curiosity, her mother began to worry about her being unknowingly corrupted by the Wyrm.  She was soon sent over to be raised by the tribes elder Theurge, to develop her gifts safely and learn control.  

After her first change at 13 years old, Aella began training for her Rite of Passage.  It was decided, because of her natural connection to the Umbra that she would try to recruit spirits to defend the Caern.  After a year of the most grueling training, she was guided into the Umbra to complete her Rite.  She found many lesser spirits more than willing, however she knew they would not be enough.  She was able to find one higher spirit willing to help with the defense of the Caern.  She returned, not only with this spirits help and its favor, but her deed name. "Finds the Spirits" due to the overwhelming number of spirits the responded to her call.  

Her mentor had warned her several times about the Wyrm, and Aella's natural attraction of the spirits was a growing concern. With Aella's help, they performed the Rite of Fetish together and found a strong spirit of Protection and bound it to a charm which Aella wears to this day.  

After her tribes Caern fell, Aella wandered for a long time. She was almost consumed by grief before finally ending up in Chicago and joining the pack All Tea, No Shade. She helped them find their pack totem and Aella felt she'd finally gained a purpose. She helps her pack in her own way, while also causing them a little bit of grief when her curiosity gets the better of her. However, she is still searching for one answer she may never get.

Rumors Edit