Apocalypse PC

Player: Brand Grinslade
Character: Ahroun 13-X
Human Name: Alex turing
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Glasswalker
Rank: Athro
Pack: None
Sept: None
Position: None
City: Chicago
LST: Chicago LST


Ahroun 13 X

Character Information Edit

A Cyberwolf from Birth, A13X was one of the first successful lab grown Garou in the Cyberwolves.

From birth he was raised with knowledge of the Garou and their ways and augmented with technology to increase his potential. His existence was kept secret before the apocalypse, but during the battles that took place after 2000 he has made a name for himself.

He has proven a capable Ahroun and expert tactician, leading several packs to victory in battle during his tenure. Now as an Athro he is readying himself to step into a sept leadership position and slowly earn the renown needed to challenge for Elder.

He is an avid tinkerer and self modification enthusiast, sporting multiple tattoos and cyberware modules, some of which he has designed himself. He is slowly learning to create cyberfetishes, and for the moment still relies on HQ to help him keep up his Fetished nanomachines.

As a lab grown/raised werewolf he is disconnected from some of the more instinctual aspects of Garou life such as High Speech and the wolf languages, prefering instead to speak through his Nanomachines, or Pack Mind Link when in forms that don't have human vocal cords.

Rumors Edit

  • It is said that he had something to do with Bluestreak's Steel Fur Modules.