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Welcome to the Chicago Apocalypse WikiaEdit

Chicago: Second Apocalypse is a Chicago based Apocalypse Troupe Game with a plan to join the Underground Theater once the final rules are adopted. We use the BNS Gama & Delta Slice Rules for now.

Games are played on 1st Saturday at the Pumping Company Bar & Grill at 6157 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660 3rd Saturday of every month at the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine art 1012 N. Dearborn Chicago, IL 60610.

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Player CharactersEdit

Aella Spiros "Finds the Spirits"

Aisha Vox

Blake "Wildfire" Holt

Breakneck Bodega


Commands the Flames

Conner "Sticky Fingers" Larson

Doughnuts For Gaia

Emma Jo "Boot Party" Lovell

Gabrielle Atanasoff "Spills the Tea, Turns the River"

Glenn "Bluestreak" Steele


Harry "Stormchaser" Blackwell


Inva "Silvertongue" Mula

Jeremiah "Calls the Frost" Hood

Jimmy Current-Resident

John "Orange Box" Anders

John "Long Story" Callaghan

Kal "Big Country" Hill


Lost One

Lucas "Once and Future"

Maya Kuroyoshi

Pascale De La Tour "Shades of Gray"

Pax Last-Shield


Siku "Grips the soul"

Silent Tempest

Sylvie "Sees The Forest" Anderson

Throws Shade


Non-Player Characters Edit

Daniel Pritzker "Dances the Web"

Packs of ChicagoEdit

All Tea, No Shade, under Mother Night: Gabrielle Atanasoff "Spills the Tea, Turns the River", Aella Spiros "Finds the Spirits", Throws Shade and Breakneck Bodega.

The Bone Howlers, under Lion: Breaks-the-Chains, Goblin, Pax Last-Shield, Commands the Flames, and Heart-of-Winter

Knights of Kilgharrah, under Merlin: Pascale De La Tour "Shades of Gray", Lucas, and (seeking packmates)

Lion's Roar, under Lion: Emma Jo "Boot Party" Lovell, Silent Tempest, Inva "Silvertongue" Mula, Whisper, and Longshanks

SJW, Ltd., under Patchwork Wolf: Vasiliki "Single Jarring Word" Xanos, Kal "Big Country" Hill, Jeremiah "Calls the Frost" Hood, John "Long Story" Callaghan, and Sylvie "Sees the Forest" Anderson

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