Apocalypse PC


Player: Ben J.
Character: Commands the Flames
Human Name: N/A
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Rank: Athro
Pack: the Bone Howlers
Sept: Lost & Found
Position: None
City: Chicago, IL
LST: Paul Lukis

Character Information Edit

Commands the Flames is an unabashed drunk, and is nearly constantly seen with a beer in hand. Talk on the bawn says that he’s sworn an oath to not die sober. While he comes across as laconic and incredibly lazy, he is actually a deeply skilled and highly experienced Theurge. Commands the Flames is known to be quite lecherous, and should be approached with care. Wolf-born, Commands the Flames almost certainly has a long and storied history… but best of luck getting him to tell you about it.

Something of a staunch traditionalist as far as Garou society goes, Commands the Flames himself often seems the opposite of what many think of as a ‘typical Shadow Lord’. Sociable and talkative, he’s also known for clashing with his pack’s alpha, Breaks-the-Chains over approaches to problem-solving. His loyalty to his packmates, however, is iron hard and unbreakable.

Black wolf

Pack - the Bone Howlers, under Lion Edit

Breaks-the-Chains, Pack Alpha, Lupus Silver Fang Ahroun Athro

Goblin - Pack Beta, Metis Red Talon Galliard Athro

Pax Last-Shield - Lupus Get of Fenris Philodox Adren

Heart-of-Winter - Lupus Wendigo Ragabash Adren

Allies Edit

The Bone Howlers.

The dead.


Just about everyone who isn’t one of the Bone Howlers, apparently. What? He can be surly. And drunk.

Rumors Edit

There are many stories about Commands the Flames. As an Athro Theurge, it is inevitable that stories, rumors, and legends follow in his wake. He just refuses to tell them himself.

-He is from a long line of proud Shadow Lords.

-He has a personal relationship with the Great Chicago Fire spirit.

-He supports the Concordat of Stars.

-He supports the Sanctum of Gaia.

-He thinks both camps are a bunch of crap.

-He hates Corax.

-He uses Stormcrows to fetch him drinks on a regular basis.

-He’s prejudiced against everyone

-He’s completely vicious when it comes to enforcing the Litany.

-His Fetish necklace is made entirely of Garou teeth. Where they came from, no one knows.

-He never discusses his past.

Feel free to add some of your own, if you like!