Apocalypse PC

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Player: Kory M.
Character: Whispers of Sorrow
Human Name: Elias Young
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: CHildren of Gaia
Rank: Fostern
Pack: none
Sept: Lost & Found
Position: None
City: Chicago
LST: Paul Lukis

Character Information Edit

Elias was once a respected member of the Seekers of Light, a pack from the Chrystal Hearth Sept in Duluth Minnesota. In addition to being a great healer he was renown for his unparalleled knowledge of both the Garou race and its enemies. He specialized in the great tragedies of Garou history, thus his name.

His pack was shattered when a great controversy erupted involving Elias and another member of his pack becoming romantically involved. He was known to have passed through several other Septs before arriving at Lost & Found; all rejected him as soon as they learned who he was. The long trek from Duluth to Chicago seems to have left its mark on Elias, his leg permanently mangled by vicissitude after a run in with some vampires.

Green Peace

Rumors Edit

"Whispers of Sorrow? Yeah I know the name. I herd that piece of shit got a Black Fury pregnant, then murdered her & their Metis baby in a half assed attempt to cover it up. If you ever see him, beat him bloody & piss on his carcass when you're done."
-Random Transient Garou