Red Talons

Apocalypse PC


Player: Lee H.
Character: Goblin
Human Name: N/A
Breed: Metis
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Red Talons
Rank: Athro
Pack: the Bone Howlers
Sept: Lost & Found
Position: Den Parent
City: Chicago, IL
LST: Paul Lukis

Character Information Edit

Goblin is an Athro Galliard, and Beta of the Bone Howlers pack. How this singularly strange Metis came to be the second to a Silver Fang Lupus is a mystery to many. It is no secret to the members of his pack, to whom he is fiercely dedicated. A master of Lores and a terrifying engine of Rage in combat, Goblin is less of a storyteller, and more of a keeper of tales. It is known that Goblin was the first to join with his Alpha, before they were ever a pack. Since he and many other Garou participated in the epic rescue of the great Totem spirit, Lion, the Bone Howlers have been Goblin’s family. He is deeply loyal to his pack, though he takes a great deal of care in teaching, and testing, the cubs of the Lost and Found sept. Known for his rather singular proclivities, Goblin sees more than one would expect with his one remaining eye. He wears his scars with pride, having earned every last one of them through blood and fire. While Breaks-the-Chains may lead the Bone Howler pack, Goblin is the pack’s heart.

Red Talon

Pack - the Bone Howlers, under Lion Edit

Breaks-the-Chains, Pack Alpha, Lupus Silver Fang Ahroun Athro

Pax Last-Shield, Lupus Get of Fenris Philodox Adren

Commands the Flames, Lupus Shadow Lord Theurge Athro

Heart-of-Winter, Lupus Wendigo Ragabash Adren

Allies Edit

The Bone Howlers


The Wyrm, wherever it lives or breeds.

Rumors Edit

Oh, there are so very many intriguing tales to tell about Goblin and his various exploits over the years. Where to begin?

-He is prone to violating the corpses of defeated foes. Sexually.

-He is the sole non-Lupus in his pack, but none of them ever seem to think about it.

-Like most of his pack, he regularly wears a Mjolnir pendant. What this signifies is a matter of conjecture.

-He supports the Concordat of Stars.

-He supports the Sanctum of Gaia.

-He thinks both camps are dumping grounds for Garou who would rather talk about things than actually do them.

-He collects eyeballs. No one knows what he does with them. No one wants to.

-He’s considerably more accepting of human culture than the overwhelming majority of his Tribe.

-He’s 110% deadly serious about keeping the Litany intact, and grows quite angry when it is violated, even in the smallest way.

-He’s bloodthirsty as hell when it comes to fighting, a font of Rage to match most Ahroun.

-He has outfought a Get of Fenris Ahroun one on one.

-He saved Breaks-the-Chains’ life once, long ago. They’ve been best friends ever since.

-He bears the same facial scar as the rest of his pack. What it might signify, none of the pack have ever divulged to outsiders.

-He never bows. Ever.

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