Apocalypse PC

Player: Justin G.
Character: Calls-the-Frost
Human Name: Jeremiah Hood
Breed: Metis
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Wendigo
Rank: Adren
Pack: SJW, Ltd
Sept: Lost & Found
City: Chicago, IL
LST: Paul lukas

Character Information Edit

Jeremiah grew up on as a metis on a Wendigo heavy Cairn in Montana. He was raised learning the traditional methods of venerating the spirits and how to purify one's self before a hunt. He respects all life and believes strongly that while there might be many reasons for infighting among the tribes, the Wyrm is by far the greatest enemy.
He Joined his current pack SJW, Ltd because he agreed with the wisdom and vision of its alpha Vasiliki Xanos. He joined her company and relocated to the Chicago area in hopes of ensuring the down trodden always have a voice. He tends to distrust technology and his Glass Walker friends who rely so heavily on it.

Rumors Edit

  • Some say that his parents were branded for their mistake.
  • Some say that he doesn't know how to use a light switch.
  • Some say that his connection to Wendigo is extremely potent.
  • Some say that he descends from the Crow native american tribe.

Pack-mates Edit

Vasiliki "Single Jarring Word" Xanos
Kal "Big Country" Hill
Sylvie "Sees the Forest" Amderson