Apocalypse PC


Player: Ian J.
Character: Pax Last-Shield
Human Name: N/A
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Rank: Adren
Pack: the Bone Howlers
Sept: Lost & Found
Position: None
City: Chicago, IL
LST: Paul Lukis

Character Information Edit

"First into battle, last to leave" is a saying among the Get of Fenris that Pax Last-Shield seems honor bound to uphold. Cheerfully taking his place in the front line of any battle, Pax rips into his foes with abandon, scattering pieces of his opponents across the battlefield. When the howl for retreat goes up, he continues to fight tooth and claw to make sure that his fellow Sept members - and, above all, his packmates - make it safely away. However, those able to see him off the field find a laid-back, Lupus-born Garou, perfectly content to sit back and watch the show as long as the Litany isn't being touched. If the Litany is in danger, however, he tends to take a more proactive approach to protecting it.

Little is known of his history, as he thinks less of the battles he has been in than the ones he has yet to fight. From what is known, he was the third member of the pack to meet Breaks-the-Chains, and followed him with unwavering loyalty ever since. As well, being the more even-tempered or approachable one in the pack, he sometimes serves as the first point of contact among the Bone Howlers.

White wolf

Pack - the Bone Howlers, under Lion Edit

Breaks-the-Chains, Pack Alpha, Lupus Silver Fang Ahroun Athro

Goblin - Pack Beta, Metis Red Talon Galliard Athro

Commands the Flames, Lupus Shadow Lord Theurge Athro

Heart-of-Winter - Lupus Wendigo Ragabash Adren

Allies Edit

The Bone Howlers


Besides anything enslaved by the Wyrm, none known.

Rumors Edit

Pax Last Shield has a long and storied history. A Philodox of high rank, many tales have been sun about his prowess over the years.

-He is incredibly level headed for a Get of Fenris.

-He is incredibly terrifying when in combat.

-Like most of his pack, he regularly wears a Mjolnir pendant. What this signifies is a matter of conjecture.

-He supports the Concordat of Stars.

-He supports the Sanctum of Gaia.

-He thinks both camps are a joke.

-He keeps a collection of arms. Ripped off of those he faces in battle.

-He’s prejudiced against no one.

-He’s extraordinarily strict about enforcing the Litany.

-He bears the same facial scar as the rest of his pack. What it might signify, none of the pack have ever divulged to outsiders.

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